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Tippmann Combat Paintballs 2000 kpl

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370,22 kr


En ekonomisk boll med lite hårdare skal. Färgen kan skifta i fyllning och skal.



Tippmann Combat Series Paintballs are the perfect solution to a inexpensive paint for recreational play and practice tournament/speedball play. You get a straight shooting paintball and a bright mark with this case of paintballs. Start improving your game play now with this affordable paintball made by the best paintball manufacturer in the world (GI Sportz). 


  • Full Case of Paintballs (4 bags of 500, total of 2,000 paintballs)
  • Tippmann Combat Series Brand
  • Straight Shooting - Harder Shell to Prevent Breaks in your marker
  • Eco Fill of Paintball: Color will vary
  • Shell Color of Paintball: Color will vary

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Produkt-ID B144
Weight 7.0000
Storlek .68CAL


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