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Airsoft Innovations Master Mike Blast Shell

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  • A practical updated rendition of the most powerful 40mm Airsoft shell to date
  • Launches 100 BBs in 1/3rd of a second!
  • Incredible 60ft range
  • Consistently fires 220 FPS per BB
  • Outer sticker label may need to be removed to fit some 40mm Airsoft launchers

Building from the same concept as the 40 Mike to dominate the field with a stream of plastic fury, the Airsoft Innovations Master Mike tones things down just a tad to be more comfortable and practical for closer range engagements. The new Master Mike features a much wider spread (10ft spread at 20ft distance) at 220 FPS; the new Master Mike is also slightly shorter (93mm length) to fit a wider range of launchers.

Velocity: 220 FPS per BB
Gas type: Propane, Green Gas, Duster
Capacity: 100 rounds
Material: Injection molded polymer, aluminum alloy
Compatibility: For 40mm Airsoft grenade launchers (outer sticker label may need to be removed to fit some 40mm Airsoft launchers)

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