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Acetech AT1000 Tracer Module (Airsoft)

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• Brightest tracer module designed to install into a silencer. After installing, the silencer could be used as a tracer unit. 
• The Brightest tracer unit in the world as well as AT1000 
• Use 4 AAA alkaline batteries lasting for 20,000 rounds, or use 4 eneloop rechargeable AAA batteries lasting for 100,000 rounds. 
• Sustained ROF up to 1800 RPM 
• Supports green tracer BBs 
• Auto power off. 
• Battery : Alkaline (Do not use heavy duty battery) 
• 100% Brand New & Made in Taiwan 
• Dimension : diameter 32.2mm, length 113mm 
• Weight : 42g without battery

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